How To Play Slots Correctly: Schemes And Strategies

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The gambling business was originally based on house edge – the percentage of profit of a gambling establishment in the long term and fair play implies a return of funds to players, which is below 100%. But despite the fact that it is quite difficult to play slot machines with a profit, following some recommendations, you can learn do not lose too much money in slots and even get some profit.

What to do in order not to lose at the casino

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Slots are currently the most sought after category of casino games. Simple rules – a la toss a coin, get a result – are conducive to a relaxing pastime. No need to count cards, points, think over the probability of a move and the possible number of tricks, etc. At the same time, the winning potential – hundreds of x for combinations, thousand-fold multiplication of the bet on the total result of bonus rounds and multimillion-dollar jackpots cleverly attract the attention of visitors to gambling halls. 

But with even greater ease, slot machines are able to beat the gambler. Very quickly – back after back – the finances allocated for gambling can be absorbed at the behest of the algorithm, which more often forces the slot to “eat” than to give out “drifts”. But all these results are calculated by cold-blooded mathematics and the total amounts of each spin are issued within the RTP set by the manufacturer.

See the payout percentage of the slot

Each certified slot has a certain percentage of return. This value can be called a payout, but the term RTP appears more often – return to the player (return to player). While this metric tells you the percentage of the total staked by all players that will come back as winnings over the long term, it should not be ignored. In addition, the return in many online casino slots is higher than in land-based halls.

There are also providers who set RTP at 98% and 99% in their games. Pay attention to the non-tent slot Blood Suckers or Megaspin Break da Bank from Microgaming, Simply Wild Novomatica. Each of them has a high payout.

Pay attention to other characteristics of the slot machine

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Also, do not forget that before you start playing a slot, you can still find out its parameters such as variance and volatility. They can also be of great benefit.


This indicator expresses the potential for high winnings. A high variance slot machine will take a lot of bets from a player without any return and is able to do this for a long time, but they have a high probability of winning a big payout.

Low variance shows more frequent wins, but less value.


But if the variance is more related to an indicator of the nature of the game at a certain point in time, then the volatility parameter is usually considered as a characteristic of the gaming process of the slot as a whole. Low volatility, again, is good for wagering or a long gaming session, as the machine will give out small winnings more often.

The above recommendations may apply not only to playing slots, but also to other gambling games. For example, roulette or blackjack, with reasonable tactics and sufficient player experience, have a very high percentage of RTP. But even if you do not have high professionalism, but following the above tips, the probability of winning will increase significantly.

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