How to take care of your family and career

family and career

All professionals want to maintain a healthy work-life balance, but only few actually achieve that goal. The development of technology made everything more difficult. These days, some managers think that they have the right to reach their clients. The most important thing is to define your goals, and have a plan for sacrificing your work in exchange for spending quality time with your family.

Manage your availability outside of working hours

The most difficult part of maintaining a work-life balance is controlling how you are contacted outside of work. You need to have a system for handling incoming emails, text messages, voice mails and calls about work. If you don’t, you will never be able to have work-free evenings, and it will take a toll on your stress levels and your ability to enjoy your free time.

Maintain your focus

High level executives with families do not recommend trying to do two things at once. It’s always a better idea to make a choice. If you want to advance your career, focus entirely on your work. If you want to spend that time with your family, do so without any distractions. Otherwise you won’t get anything done on either fronts.

Do not take this to mean that you should completely shut yourself off from your family when you are at work. Or distance yourself from your teammates when you are at home. In an ideal scenario, you should make room for emergencies in some cases.

It’s also important to have some free time for yourself. You could burn yourself out by working and spending time with your family all the time. If you have some extra money, you could play games on BetAmo for a chance to win money.

Give your subordinates freedom

care of your family and career

If you are a manager, refusing to micromanage can go a long way towards finding a way to spend time with your family. Instead of writing and sending emails all the time, managers should set up specific, but flexible systems for handling work situations. You should use the same approach for communicating with your family. Controlling your children’s every step will be a waste of your energy. You should definitely pay attention, but focus on keeping them on the right track. Still, children will only learn if you give them freedom and some room for independent decisions.

Make sure to get enough rest

Separating work from your personal life can be beneficial in more ways than one. There are many examples of brilliant scientists and businessmen who got life changing inspiration in their leisure time. Our brain is designed to notice patterns between business and real life. Studies have shown that certain creative parts of our brain work better when we are rested.

Besides these tips, you should use as much help as possible. This includes having trusted people to watch over your young children. This will allow you to outsource some of the mundane tasks to these helpers. Once these tasks are done, you’ll be free to spend quality time with your family.

You might also benefit from getting help from mental health professionals. No one is completely safe from mental problems, especially managers who deal with the stress of navigating their business towards success.

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