Biggest Poker Wins of History

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If you look through history, Poker has been played for centuries. And many players across the world have shown a stunning performance in it. Some of the biggest wins in Poker have been exemplary for many new players. 

These wins have a life-changing impact on the lives of the winners. We have charted out for you some mega-hits of Poker wins in history. They are as follows.

1. Antonio Esfandiari:

In 2012 Antonio Esfandiari won an amount of $1834667 at Big One For One Drop by beating almost 47 other entries to the top on the platform like Spinia. He was labelled as a magician because of his profession. Through strategy and technique, he made his way to the top and continues to play Poker among some of the greatest players in the world.

2. Daniel Coleman

He is an exceptional player that emerged from playing online Poker. Like Esfandiari, he also joined the Big One For One Drop tournament in 2014. Lady luck struck him, and he won an amount of $1530668, making him the second-highest winning poker player in history. 

He is a highly reputable player in real life and online poker games. And he is also well known for making 1 million dollars in just nine months by playing online.

3. Elton Tsang

Poker Wins

Number 3rd in line is Elton Tsang, a young player who won $1224 8912 in 2016 through One For One Drop in Monte Carlo. He had beaten 26 top players who were all fighting to reach the top. It was quite a competitive battle between them. 

He is now considered one of the best Asian poker players around the globe. A remarkable fact is that the Tsang never played any other pocket tournament before this win. He is now the most rated professional poker player in Hong Kong.

4. Jamie Gold

A mind-blowing non-player turned into a millionaire overnight. Yes, that is Jamie Gold. He won 12 million dollars in 2006. the fascinating thing about his gameplays was that he played at a time when poker entries were high, from 839 to 8773 entries in numbers. He brutally defeated his seven opponents at the final table and pronounced his checkmate.

5. Peter Eastgate

In 2018 Peter Eastgate participated in the renowned event the World Series of Poker with a jaw-dropping amount of 915 to 416 US dollars. 

By beating 6844 players, he was the first Danish player who succeeded with such a great success. Moreover, he was the youngest European to win the main event at the World Series of Poker tournament.

6. Jonathan Duhamel

In 2010 Jonathan Duhamel, a Canadian poker player, shuffled his way to the top by beating some outstanding Global players in the World Series of Poker Main Event. he won 89443110 US dollars. This event got a lot of media attention as many celebrities like Emit Smith, Shannon Elizabeth, and Bruce Buffer participated in it. He is continuing his career as a professional poker player.

Many poker players have made great wins in the gaming world. However, as mentioned earlier, the players have set a Hallmark in history, and many young and aspiring new players are trying their level best to beat their records.

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