Winning Strategies For Making Money In Online Casinos

Winning Strategies

Popular online casino earning strategies

All strategies for making money on virtual playgrounds can be divided into two large groups: progressive and negative.


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The first group is formed by betting systems that involve increasing the size of a single bet in case of winning the previous bet and reducing the size of the bet (or returning to the original bet) in case of a loss.

The goal of all positive betting systems is to multiply the winnings gained from previous bets.


The second group includes betting systems that require the player to increase the bet size in case of a losing combination of the previous bet, and to reduce the bet size in case of the previous winning combination.

Negative betting systems are aimed at reducing the amount of lost amounts.

Each of the indicated systems can be tested in most online casinos that have the necessary functionality (for example, Vip Vulcan or something like that).

Positive progressions (betting systems) include

  1. Parlay system: corresponds to a progression of the form 2n: 1, 2, 4, 8 … The essence is simple: regardless of the outcome of the event, each next bet must be twice the previous one until the expected win is received, after which the bets start again from one.
  2. Counter D’Alembert: the bet increases (decreases) by one when winning (losing).
  3. The law of two thirds: based on statistical observations, according to which, on average, about 20 numbers fall out for 35 spins. If from the 25th spin you start betting numbers that have not yet fallen out, the probability of winning increases.

The most popular negative betting systems are:

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  • Martingale strategy: perhaps the most ancient roulette strategy, which involves doubling the bet in case of loss until the desired winning amount is reached, after which the initial bet is returned. With such a betting system, a one-time win compensates for previous losses.
  • Fibonacci system: based on a progression of the form 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 and so on. In this progression, starting from the third position, each value is the sum of the previous two. As a result, each win actually compensates for the previous two losses. In case of loss, the next bet is placed on the list. When winning, the next bet must be two positions less (for example, if bet 8 won, then the next bet should be 3).
  • Pyramid: increase (decrease) of the current rate by one in case of loss (winning) of the previous one.
  • Arithmetic progressions: based on series like 2n+1, 3n+1 and so on. The transition to the next (previous) bet is made after losing (winning) the number of bets corresponding to the coefficient before n (2, 3, 4, and so on).

The betting systems described above (earning strategies) are quite enough to compete with venerable casinos in terms of luck.

Speaking of strategies, it is important to note that you should immediately stop buying software products aimed at cheating casinos. Modern online casino scripts have reliable protection against hacker attacks and outside interference in their work.

In addition, the policy of any online casino severely prohibits the use of third-party programs that can affect their work.

Therefore, the only way to legally intervene is to develop your own betting system, which would be most subject to the laws of probability theory and could significantly increase the chances of a return on invested funds.

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