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Automatic Driveway Gates and Entry Control Systems

If you are looking into moving into a new home or increasing the security to your existing home or looking to enhance the curb appeal of the house an automatic driveway gate and entry control system are a cost effective, long term solution. In residential homes there are two main types of gates that are installed: a single gate that slides or a dual gate that swings open.


When you are trying to decide between the two types of gates and which one to choose there are various reasons to choose each type of gate. The most prominent reason being the dimensions of the driveway the gate is to be installed in.


In order to install an automatic swing gate you must determine if there will be enough room for both sides of the gate to swing open into the driveway. Not only must the space be large enough to open the gate there must be enough room for parking. This is why automatic entry gates that swing open should be installed only on driveways that are on a deeper sized driveway plot. An automatic sliding driveway gate takes away the need for a large, clearing and instead requires length to retract within it. This makes sliding gates ideal for driveways that are wide function properly whereas


The mechanisms that are used to open the gates are called gate operators. There are a variety of mechanisms and motors that are used. Swing gates need two gate operators to open and close the gate where as a sliding gate uses only one. The exact motor you choose will depend on several things including the size of the gate, the speed in which it will open and the surface on which the gate and gate operators are installed.


One misconception with automatic gate installation is that they cannot be installed on gravel driveways. This is a myth. With the advancements in technology it is possible to achieve a seamless sliding effect even on a gravel surface. This result is achieved with a bit more difficulty but can be done alongside cantilever gate automation motors.


A surveyor from the local electronic driveway supplier will survey the area in which the gate is to be installed. The surveyor will take into account the various dimensions of the driveway while checking for the need for modifications.


Once a solid idea of what gate style and design is required they will create several different gates designed with your exact driveway specifications in mind. This will help homeowners when selecting a gate style, an appropriate motor and the accessories that will be needed to provide the best installation of your new automatic entry gate. A control system of your choice will be installed alongside of your gate to provide an ease of automatic entry.


The gate motor will open the gate. This will be installed along with the correct number of sensors that are required to open the gate properly. There are a variety of automatic control systems such as a remote controls, key pads, cellular transmitters and manually operated controls. This helps to add to the convenience experienced with the installation of an entry gate system.

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Working To Keep Your Home Clean

If you ever want a way to lower the stress that comes from your family without changing too much of your or your family’s routine then keep some of these pointers in mind. There needs to be an effort for you to work for your house and not against it. Keeping your home neat, organized, and running efficiently is so important. When you do these things for your home and also for your family it lowers stress and lets you focus on the good aspects of life that you have been missing. Doing these few simple tasks that takes next to no extra time will yield you great outcomes that you did not know could be achieved so simply.


Now take a step back. You need to take a minute to contemplate which areas of your life are stressing you out the most. Coming up with a plan of attack is crucial. Think about your problem areas…maybe lost keys, umbrella, receipts, or anything else lost for that matter. Maybe it is the clothes that are always on the ground; your favorite food is never stocked in the house, or even remembering to clean your cat’s litter box every day.


There needs to be a point where you finally stop trying to put a Band-Aid over these problems and actually fix them. I know, I am loosing some of you already but I promise some of these tricks work! Lets say, for example, that your kids are still leaving their shoes at every end of the house for anyone to trip over. Try placing a fun basket by the door or something along those lines for whoever comes in to put their shoes into. Observe the habits of your family and try to follow behind them accordingly with something easy for them to jump on board with.


There are so many more simple solutions; some of these solutions take more effort than others. Your family will also sometimes take awhile to catch on to these new routines. That is okay, enforce the new rules long enough and your family will eventually catch on. Once you incorporate them into your family’s normal routine, you will wonder why you didn’t incorporate them sooner. A extra great solution is to hang a hook by the door or in your room in order to keep your keys all in one place. Another organization tip is to have a basket to hold your keys, work ID, and anything else you want to keep together. This final idea is great because it saves money and keeps counters less cluttered. You could get a container for all of your loose change at the beginning of the year. Then every day throw your change into this container and watch it grow as the year goes on. By the end of the year you should have a surprising payday from change you before lost.


Keeping these simple tricks in mind could easily lower your stress. This happens simply because your mind is rested knowing your house is now clean.  If you find that you are still have trouble getting control of these things you may want to bring in professional help.  There are companies out there that offer janitorial and commercial cleaning services.  These companies will come in and do the work for you.  If you have a handle on the cleaning aspect, but you find that there is still clutter, you may want to consider hiring a professional organizer.

Either way, do what you can t remove the stress from your life.


Retail Payment Solutions

One day, you decide to open a business. Whether it’s internet based, a stand-alone office site, or in a strip mall, you will find something new every single day that you need or want.  As time passes, you eventually realize you also need a better way to accept payments. Cash and checks do not work on the internet, and there’s too much involved accepting checks at your business location. So, you go to the internet and see what’s available.

You find arxpay.com online and discover retail solutions you’ve never heard of. Welcome to merchant services, the safe, quick, and secure way to accept payment from anywhere and everywhere. Even if you’re a pet groomer who drives from house to house, you can accept payment on the spot. Lawn maintenance payment?  No problem.  If your client has a credit card, you can accept their payment. With ARX Payment Services, you can accept every possible form of payment making your customer service experience even better. They’re happy and you’re happy. No more bounced checks and Insufficient Funds notifications. You’ll know on the spot.

Read the rest of this article here: https://arxpay.com/retail-payment-solutions/


A Cashless Society?

Will creating a cashless society really have a vast impact on U.S society? Studies have been conducted examining the spending behavior of Americans to assess whether cash or card is more often used in every day transactions. With the advent of efficient means of technological payment procedures and transactions, it is evident that to obtain and use a debit or credit card is extremely accessible for people of all ages. More and more people are opting to carry less cash and spend more via their debit or credit card, which is leading to the concept of what is referred to as a ‘cashless society.’ It is estimated that 80% of Americans carry less than $50 cash in their wallets.


Experts theorize that although they expect an entire cashless society not to happen in the near future, the trend of mobile and bank and credit card payments will continue to increase. Some people report that their choice of carrying less cash is not only for security reasons of theft, but because it allows them to track their spending easier. More cash means more spending for some people as it is there to spend. Though the same argument can be said for those who use debit cards, as the ease of paying as you go with a single tap of the card has led to a boost in overall spending for consumers. Perhaps it is a case of people feeling less spending guilt in not being able to see the money go as they spend.


Whether or not a cashless society will ever happen can be disputed, but one things is certain – our spending is largely from credit card payments, and finding a person who has more than $50 in their wallet at any time would actually be a challenge.

Are you prepared to service your customers that only use credit cards?  If not, contact ARX Payment Services at https://arxpay.com.


Make The Switch To POS For Your Retail Business

POS systems (Point Of Sales) are the most widely used retail payment systems around the globe. There are many different types of POS devices to fit any business model, from more budget accessible, smaller scale systems to larger, and multiple device linked systems for larger retail businesses. These devices are a favorite for retail businesses due to their fast, secure and efficient functioning.

There are a few advantages of the right POS System that you can find from providers such as ARX Payment Services in Orlando, Fl.

As POS terminals are created to accept almost any payment option, one of the main advantages of choosing this form of check out service is that is it completely available to personalize for exactly the purposes you need. The larger in store terminals have functions that allow you to settle batches with extensive reports, connect thermal printer devices and fast modems for constant connection, as well as sleek and simple designs for ease of use. There are also options available for businesses to choose a mobile checkout POS, which allows you to process sales securely from any location, with sales reporting and inventory management accessible from compact devices such as notebooks, iPads and iPhones, to name a few. The physical terminal itself doesn’t need to be manually updated in store either, with mobile connection devices, which can be used for dial up and on an Ethernet connection making it accessible to update sales functions remotely.


It is apparent that small and big businesses alike can benefit from making the switch to a POS operating system for their checkout procedure. As it is compatible with a range of larger terminal devices as well as mobile terminals, this is a versatile piece of retail technology. There is a wide range of options for you to assess online and in retail catalogues, as well as merchant services that can set you up and provide expert advice.


Is Your Listing Smarter Than A 5th Grader?

That guy in the coffee shop typing away on his phone could just as likely be adjusting his home’s thermostat as texting his buddy about their golf tee time.

Yes, the IQ of homes keeps getting higher. Realtors who understand how to sell these homes will be tomorrow’s top producers.

No doubt, the technology is cool. I have a friend in Las Vegas who’s all about smart homes. He has one and he can block the electricity and Wi-Fi to his kids’ bedrooms with his phone if they choose video games over homework.

It looks like lots of U.S. consumers are like my buddy – they’re ready to embrace smart homes. In July, the Consumer Electronics Association estimated that connected home technologies’ revenues in the United States will hit $967 billion in 2015, up 32 percent from $732.58 billion in 2014.

And new research from Coldwell Banker Real Estate and CNET found that 28 percent of internet users now own smart-home technology. And they like it, too. Over 90 percent said they’d recommend smart-home technology, and 87 percent said such products made their lives easier. Further responses suggested that smart-home technology could play a role when it comes to selling or buying a new house, too.

When non-homeowners were asked about what would make them consider buying smart-home technology, lower costs and more information emerged as themes. Nearly half said they’d buy smart-home technology if it was less expensive, and about one-fifth would buy if they better understood how it all worked.

So what’s this mean for you, the Realtor? What do you need to know to be a better agent for consumers in the age of smart homes? Here are some tips that could make you as smart as today’s homes:

1. Don’t ring the bells and blow the whistles. With smart homes today it’s easy to get caught up in all the bells and whistles. But remember, consumers want to know how it helps their lives. It’s the old sales adage: sell the benefits, not the features. Focus on what the smart home actually offers homeowners in their daily lives.

2. You have to learn before you can earn. These days you can’t fake your knowledge about anything because consumers can do a quick internet search and learn what they need to know. That means you have to do your homework about smart-home technology. Take time to research what’s new and how it helps consumers. Always think value – what value will this give a buyer or seller. I compare it to car sales – sales folks get regular training on all the new-car gadgets and upgrades and what the bottom-line value proposition is for each one.

3. Know what to show. As you’ll learn, new technology is coming on board regularly, so you need to identify what’s most appealing to consumers. Today, for example, polling earlier this year by Icontrol Networks found that consumers are most interested in connected home cameras, thermostats, connected lighting, connected door locks and connected appliances. Frequent travelers like remote access to lighting.

4. Don’t have a “senior” moment. Yes, research says Millennials like smart-home technology – that’s almost a given. But don’t count out the older Baby Boomers or seniors. They’re starting to learn smart homes have advantages and that these homes can help them, especially those who have mobility issues.

Tell me what you’re thinking. What’s the smart-home market look like where you are? Are you hearing more talk from consumers about smart-home technology? What are they saying they want? How do you rate yourself in terms of understanding smart homes? What can you start doing today to be better at selling smart homes?

Bubba Mills is executive vice president of Corcoran Consulting and Coaching Inc. (800-957-8353), an international consulting and coaching company that specializes in performance coaching and the implementation of sound business systems for residential REALTOR, mortgage brokers and real estate companies.


Learn How to Use a Biweekly Mortgage Calculator to Save Cash on Your Home

Right after the thrill of purchasing your dream house comes the reality of paying your mortgage. Most people stick with the traditional classic monthly loan payment plan, not realizing the time- and money-saving benefits of a biweekly mortgage payment strategy.


Many people wrongly assume that making biweekly mortgage payments means they’ll be paying twice as much. Not true! In fact, the additional money each month amounts to about 1/12th of your normal monthly payment: If your payment is $1,200 a month, you’ll only add on about an additional $100 a month.


If you like the thought of saving money and eliminating debt quickly, let’s take a closer look at a biweekly payment program and how making use of the AutoPayPlus biweekly mortgage calculator can show you how to save big on your home loan.


How AutoPayPlus Biweekly Payments Work


With the AutoPayPlus biweekly mortgage program, you’re debited one-half of the typical monthly mortgage payment every two weeks. There are 52 weeks each year, so that means 26 half payments will be withdrawn from your account, adding one extra monthly payment to principal per year. This shortens the life span of your loan and decreases the total amount of interest paid over time. You’ll be able to use those extra debt-free years to more fully appreciate life, or put funds away to create financial security for the future.


You can schedule automatic biweekly payment withdrawals with AutoPayPlus. You can even add extra payments to pay off your loan faster and save more on interest.


How to Use of the AutoPayPlus Biweekly Mortgage Calculator


It’s easy — go to the AutoPayPlus mortgage savings calculator and follow a few simple steps. Let’s use a sample mortgage of $250,000 for 30 years at 4.25% interest.


Enter 250000.00 for the complete loan amount, 30 years for the term (or put in the number of months till your loan matures) and 4.25 for the interest. Enter the exact date that your loan begins, or the date it started if it’s a current loan. Then hit the calculate button to see your results: You’re able to pay off the loan 52 months early and save up to $31,000!


The calculator shows your new biweekly payments, debt-freedom date and interest saved. Clear the fields to play with different scenarios and to view how adding extra money to your biweekly payment can dramatically boost your savings on interest and get you out of debt a lot faster.


AutoPayPlus can assist you in paying down debt more rapidly. Withdrawals out of your account every other week match conveniently with paychecks and your monthly budget, and an added half-payment twice a year toward principal reduces interest over the life of the loan. Visit this informative website to use a biweekly mortgage payment calculator and discover more ways to save money!

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Romantic relationships can be amazing, but they can also be tough. And sometimes it’s more than tough. Nobody wants to come to terms with the fact that what was once a booming relationship is now a struggle and hardship. But do you give up quickly or do you put in everything you’ve got and suit up for battle? Theoretically speaking of course, love and relationships can be a battlefield and sometimes you need the right person to help you win.


That’s where couple’s counseling comes into play.


If your relationship is struggling with issues of communication, monetary conflicts, parenting disagreements, troubles with intimacy, infidelity, or detachment, couple’s counseling could be your saving grace.


Couple’s Therapy will not only produce short-term effects, but also give your relationship the power and ability to be successful in the long run. The benefits of couple’s counseling ultimately will make your life easier and happier when you learn key communication rules.


Much of the time communication is considered the head culprit for causing conflict in a relationship. Emotions and mental clarity don’t always go hand-in-hand. That’s why your relationship might benefit well from the assistance of an unbiased professional that can guide you towards romantic success.


Learn where responsibility lies. 


Do you often feel like the blame is being tossed around, in turn producing zero results? Learn where it’s appropriate to accept responsibility during conflict and focus more on the end result, rather then pride.


Learn who needs to change.


Many times we are too reluctant to raise a mirror to ourselves and realize that we may be the ones preventing positive change in our relationship. Learn how you and your partner can make small changes in communication and behavior in order to create a big difference.


Learn the best way to express your emotions.


How we express our emotions during confrontation can be the difference between a successful or damaging outcome. Learn communication exercises and how to communicate without emotional turmoil. Turn a counterproductive argument into one that produces positive results and a happier life.


Learn how to treat each other equally.


No one person can be blamed for the issues faced in a relationship. Each person will be treated equally in order to create the best partnership. Learning this is key to communicating with respect.


Learn more about your partner.


By communicating effectively, you may learn new things about your partner that you would’ve never otherwise known. When you create an open line of communication it can lead to endless results. Enhance your connection with your partner in realistic and beneficial ways.


Aside from helping to mend your problems of the present, couple’s counseling will give you the power to avoid conflicts of the future. As you can see, couple’s counseling will benefit you and your relationship in more ways then one.


Don’t wait until your relationship as at the brink of death before seeking help. Learn to communicate with your partner effectively with a licensed and experienced therapist like Suzanne Rucker. Take the steps to resolving your issues, today.

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Non-medical home care is an option that seniors and their families are often attracted too considering all the benefits that come from it. Starting with the proximity and comfort that seniors will enjoy, non-medical in-home care provides independence, community, and most importantly health and happiness.


From the comfort of your loved one’s home, they will receive personalized care with a qualified caregiver no matter what care service you choose. But it’s still important to familiarize yourself with what forms of care will be best for you and your loved one. Griswold Home Care offers various types of non-medical in-home care and ultimately can adjust to your personal needs.


Here are six typical services that Griswold offers for seniors:


Personal Care Services


Your loved one will want to feel and look their best at every stage of their life, that’s why Griswold refers certified caregivers who can help meet those goals. Personal caregivers want your loved ones to feel as independent as possible, but at the same time understand that safety is a top priority. Professionals will be able to assist with daily personal activities such as: bathing, brushing teeth, dressing, grooming, and more based on client request.


Homemaker Care Services


Homemaker services with Griswold are providing seniors with essentially a helping hand with household chores. Caregivers provide some much needed relief for your loved one by making their life easier and safer. Professional caregivers can help with daily meal preparation, light housekeeping, shopping, transportation, and more.


Senior Companion Care


Senior companion care is one of Griswold’s most frequently requested services. As life slows down and your loved ones have more time for social lives, it helps to have someone who is available to help them maintain that life. Thus, non-medical caregivers can accompany seniors with: shopping, social events, friend visits, gardening, home projects, and more. Your loved one can have a trusted companion that will keep them socially engaged and safe.


Respite Care Services


This service provides temporary caregiving services in order to relieve you or the family caregiver of stress. Think of this service as a time to recharge or perhaps to use when you are on vacation. Don’t feel guilty about “leaving” your loved one with a professional, because you also need to recharge from balancing work, family and caregiving. Once the short period is over, you’ll come back to your loved one recharged and emotionally reset.


24 Hour Live-In & Overnight Care Services


Your loved one may need increased non-medical senior home care and you simply cannot provide that on your own with your personal schedule. This is where 24 hour live-in and overnight services can be utilized. Caregivers can live in the home, provided there is a second bedroom and complete duties of personal care, homemaking, and being an overall companion. Additionally overnight care allows for someone to be present at night in case there is need for assistance with going to the restroom or simple sleep restlessness.


Often nursing homes or Assisted Living Facilities can be avoided by having a more affordable non-medical home care assistant around the clock. Maintain your peace of mind while your loved one maintains their sense of independence.


Hospice and Palliative Care


Hospice care will help seniors with symptom relief and emotional assistance in the last stages of serious illness. Living at home during this tough transition can be comforting for both your loved one and the family. A combination of personal care, companion care, and more will be used to support your family and loved one based on individual circumstances. This is a rough time for everyone and your caretaker is there to make it much easier.

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What Are They Hiding? Find Out with Access Investigative Services

Infidelity Investigations:

Have you ever believed someone close to you had something to hide? For example, let’s say you’ve seen changes in your partner’s behaviors; unexplained charges on their credit cards, working later than usual, frequent mood swings. Now, did you ever wish you could get proof to validate your intuition and confront them with the facts? If you suspect infidelity in your relationship, you may want to consider hiring a licensed private investigator. What you find out may be surprising—but it may just be exactly what you were looking for.

Computer and Data Investigations:

Time and time again, people will delete their browsing history, chat screens, and call logs to hide unfaithful or unlawful behaviors. Often unbeknownst to those people, seasoned professionals can employ advanced technology in the field of computer and data forensics to uncover hidden data. Though you believe clicking the “delete” button will destroy all traces of your activity, there is often extensive evidence remaining.

Private Investigator

Access Investigative Services is a private detective agency in Orlando dedicated to seeking out the truth and helping you achieve your goals. They are a team of highly-trained specialists with over 25 years of experience providing services to both commercial and individual clientele. Whether you believe an employee is stealing from you or you’ve found yourself amid a child custody battle, proof is at your fingertips. Access Investigative Services can bring concealed information to light with state-of-the-art procedures often used by local, state, and even federal government agencies.


From recovering lost data to email tracing, Access Investigative Services provides multiple services to get to the truth of the matter. If you feel that a partner, an employee, or someone close to you is engaging in disloyal or criminal behaviors, contact Access Investigative Services, Inc. today for a free and confidential consultation.