How To Make Good Money On Gambling?


The total turnover in gambling in by the end of 2021 exceeded 2.262 trillion dollars. At the same time, the total income in the industry has exceeded 400 billion: about 360 billion dollars from companies operating offline, and about 65 billion online. Online turnover in this area is growing by 10-15% annually. The annual income of one of the largest companies for the year exceeds 767 million pounds. Isn’t this a reason to start making money on gambling?

What is gambling?


Gambling is everything related to gambling: online casinos, roulette, slot machines, unusual games for money such as miners, thimbles. This includes sports betting, sweepstakes (betting), as the activity is also imbued with the spirit of excitement. Mostly, in the review, the emphasis is on online casinos and slots. Here, slightly different approaches to attracting customers, the target audience is different. Although there is a common thing – to tickle your nerves or get rich quick.

Gambling arbitrage – what is it

Earnings on online casino affiliate programs along with adult affiliate programs is the easiest and most profitable vertical in affiliate marketing. It is relatively easy to attract customers, for some GEOs (with proper targeting) to get a conversion (paid customer), 5-15 clicks or 200-300 impressions are enough, depending on which method is more relevant for the advertising grid. This is not an absolute, but only an average indicator among members of the LeadBit CPA network. Really do better.

The last argument in favor of gambling is the low cost of a mistake. The vertical is suitable for a novice affiliate marketer and webmaster who has encountered affiliate marketing for the first time. However, experienced carts prefer not to change the gold mine with a yield of 1000% for more complex niches. Here, the quality of offers is not as critical as, for example, in product and luxury niches – due to clumsy banners and landing pages, traffic will drop, but will not drop to zero. Small entry price. If this is arbitration (promotion through paid advertising), you can start with a hundred bucks, even $ 30-50 is enough, and even $ 20 for niche tests. If something does not work out, the losses will be small.

A simplified (for those who are familiar with the topic for the first time) scheme of working in gambling arbitrage:

  • Register on the affiliate website.
  • We find suitable offers (offers) from affiliate programs.
  • We prepare creatives: advertising banners and landing pages.
  • We register on the sites of advertising networks.
  • We launch advertising with affiliate links to the advertiser’s website.
  • We get a profit due to the difference between the cost of advertising and the amount of payment for the client.

How to choose where to find offers from casinos and bookmakers?


We select offers (offers from affiliate programs) for a specific GEO. A tempting option is to choose the one with the highest pay per customer. But this is not a guarantee of big earnings. It is necessary to take into account the requirements for the quality of traffic – the fewer requirements, the better. And the popularity of a particular institution in the region. For example, in England, Ireland, offers from local bookmakers (bet365, William Hill) are the best. In Italy, Canada, there are large casinos with a large selection of slots, such as LEOVEGAS. In RuNet – Vulkan, an online reincarnation of gaming clubs popular in the 90s – 2000s.

Payment methods in gambling:

RevShare – a lifetime percentage of the profit from the client;

CPL – pay per lead: user registration on the site;

CPA – pay per action: deposit.


Despite the hype around Casino affiliate programs, gambling remains a profitable niche. New GEOs are being added where the Internet has become available (Africa, Asia), in the bourgeoisie many offline players go online. There are new gambling sites with affiliate programs.

It is relatively easy to work in gambling – this is a good vertical for a webmaster or arbitrator to start. If, nevertheless, something doesn’t work out, if you don’t know which affiliate program to choose or the creative doesn’t enter, write, our managers will help you.

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