Working To Keep Your Home Clean

If you ever want a way to lower the stress that comes from your family without changing too much of your or your family’s routine then keep some of these pointers in mind. There needs to be an effort for you to work for your house and not against it. Keeping your home neat, organized, and running efficiently is so important. When you do these things for your home and also for your family it lowers stress and lets you focus on the good aspects of life that you have been missing. Doing these few simple tasks that takes next to no extra time will yield you great outcomes that you did not know could be achieved so simply.


Now take a step back. You need to take a minute to contemplate which areas of your life are stressing you out the most. Coming up with a plan of attack is crucial. Think about your problem areas…maybe lost keys, umbrella, receipts, or anything else lost for that matter. Maybe it is the clothes that are always on the ground; your favorite food is never stocked in the house, or even remembering to clean your cat’s litter box every day.


There needs to be a point where you finally stop trying to put a Band-Aid over these problems and actually fix them. I know, I am loosing some of you already but I promise some of these tricks work! Lets say, for example, that your kids are still leaving their shoes at every end of the house for anyone to trip over. Try placing a fun basket by the door or something along those lines for whoever comes in to put their shoes into. Observe the habits of your family and try to follow behind them accordingly with something easy for them to jump on board with.


There are so many more simple solutions; some of these solutions take more effort than others. Your family will also sometimes take awhile to catch on to these new routines. That is okay, enforce the new rules long enough and your family will eventually catch on. Once you incorporate them into your family’s normal routine, you will wonder why you didn’t incorporate them sooner. A extra great solution is to hang a hook by the door or in your room in order to keep your keys all in one place. Another organization tip is to have a basket to hold your keys, work ID, and anything else you want to keep together. This final idea is great because it saves money and keeps counters less cluttered. You could get a container for all of your loose change at the beginning of the year. Then every day throw your change into this container and watch it grow as the year goes on. By the end of the year you should have a surprising payday from change you before lost.


Keeping these simple tricks in mind could easily lower your stress. This happens simply because your mind is rested knowing your house is now clean.  If you find that you are still have trouble getting control of these things you may want to bring in professional help.  There are companies out there that offer janitorial and commercial cleaning services.  These companies will come in and do the work for you.  If you have a handle on the cleaning aspect, but you find that there is still clutter, you may want to consider hiring a professional organizer.

Either way, do what you can t remove the stress from your life.

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