When it comes to holiday season, it can be hard to find time to go to the gym for a workout. Oftentimes during the holidays, people tend to slip from their exercise routine and ultimately head to that downward spiral of, ‘well I’m not going to the gym, might as well ditch the healthy eating too…’ If that sounds at all remotely familiar, you’re not alone. With an all or nothing mentality, this can lead us to reverse all of the hard work we put in before things got busy, and eventually that familiar guilt laden post holiday mentality.


Even though the holiday season does detract from your usual routine, there are effective waysto keep fit and healthy without leaving the house. Short bursts of high intensity activity is the key. You don’t even need machines, equipment or a lot of space to do so. Even just 10 mins of high intensity exercise, especially in the morning, can be a great boost to your metabolism. Not to mention getting those feel good exercise endorphins running through your system. With a higher intensity, it can be more beneficial for metabolism and fitness than an average 30-40min session of steady state cardio or aerobic sessions. When you change up your pacing, rhythm and movements during these bursts of exercise, your body responds in a way which sees faster results and more calorie burn proceeding the exercise than regular, steady pace, longer periods of working out. Using your body weight is a great tool for adding extra challenge, with simple movements such as squats, plank variations, lunges and a host of other movements all help to tone and strengthen your body. Go for sprints, stair runs, jumps, hops, skips… In short, all you need is your body and less than 30 mins to keep fit, strong and healthy.


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