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Checklist: Roofing Maintenance (what the professional will do)

When you call on a roofing contractor in Orlando to perform roof maintenance one of the things they’ll do first is an inspection. They will look for all of the following. If you already know about some of this you can feel free to point it out.

* Are shingles broken or missing?

* Are shingles buckled?

* Is the roof coping broken or missing?

* Is there a pooling of water anywhere on the roof?

* Are there obvious signs of unprofessional repair jobs?

* Is fascia molded or rotted?

* Are there signs of water damage inside the house?

* Are there leaks around any sky lights inside the house?

* Is the seal around the sky light in working order?

* Are gutters clocked or in need of repair?

* Are trees too close to the roof?

* Is there debris on the roof?

* Are there signs of fungus, algae or mold growth on the roof?

Usually, your roof inspector will carry with them a clipboard to mark down anything wrong with the roof that they find. Then they will explain it to you thoroughly after their inspection often giving you a full report along with a bid of what it will cost to get it replaced or repaired and their opinion on whether an all out replacement or a repair is needed and why.

Together you and your professional roofer will discuss what can and should be done. If you’ve done your due diligence and checked out the professional roofing contractor in advance then you can usually trust them to know what is best. If you’re unsure you can always get a second opinion from a different contractor.

Some roofing contractors offer automatic yearly inspections of each roof they’ve installed, if you had a new roof installed be sure to ask about yearly inspections to keep the roof in good working order. Sometimes this is a very small price to pay to ensure that the roof is always in working order. Some of the repairs needed may even be covered under their warranty.

Be prepared with your warranty information, as well as realizing that not everything will be covered under the warranty. If damage happened due to a storm it’s important to call your insurance provider the moment you know. Some roofers offer post storm inspections immediately but you probably need to call your insurance provider to make sure that is covered and who they want you to use.

If you live in an area prone to inclimate and harsh weather especially rain, storms and snow you may need repairs more often, which has nothing to do with your 15 or 30 year roof warranty. The important thing is to be aware of the things that can damage your roof and have a plan in place to keep it in good repair. Whether that is asking a contractor to inspect and recommend repairs yearly, or whether you do it yourself.

Prevent Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs can be a nasty occurrence in any home. Especially if you come across these critters making a home in yours or your children’s bed, these bugs can leave you tired, itchy and annoyed. Though there are more issues beyond just an interrupted sleep with bed bugs, they can create health issues for people who have allergic reactions, and are generally more detrimental to children who are more susceptible to rashes from bites.


Detecting your problem early is the best way to ensure that your space is bed bug free, whilst avoiding the large costs of removing infestations. One of the first warning signs are bites, which can often and easily be mistaken as mosquito bites. A sure sign to tell what the bites are is that bed bug bites come in a cluster of three. If you are suspicious about your bites, then inspect your bed for signs of bugs. Look under the sheets, around the edges of the bed, on the headboard, etc. Look for bugs themselves, or the little brown spots, which are usually left behind if they’ve been around. If you do see signs of bed bugs, or are still unsure whether they are there, it is advised to call a professional. They will exterminate infestations and usually give you recommendations for what you’ll need to do to clear the rest of your home. Things like full home vacuuming and washing sheets and clothes is highly recommended. As a preventative method, this is also a way that you can reduce the risk of bed bugs occurring in the first place. Regularly wash sheets, clean the frame of the bed, vacuums hard to reach areas in all rooms (especially under the bed).


If you’d prefer a professional service to check your home, then there are many different companies available for you to use. Pest removal services usually handle bed bug issues. There is also lots of information available online for more lifestyle changes that you can make to prevent these pests from invading your space.

A Clean Office Will Impress Your Clients

The first impression is a lasting impression. Make sure your office is client ready at all times, whether you’ve just opened your business or you’ve been in business for years.

Hiring a commercial Floor cleaning company as part of your business will make a big difference, but you want a company who will be there no matter what. You need a company that is available when you need them.

After you’ve chosen your cleaning company, consider what you want them to do. A clean waiting area can make or break your client’s impression of you. If you don’t make them feel comfortable in a sanitary atmosphere when they visit your business, they may take their business elsewhere.

Imagine walking into a restaurant and finding dirty floors, dirty windows, counters littered with dirty dishes, dirty table tops, and lingering odors in the air. Would you sit down and order dinner? Most likely not! The same thing happens when a client walks into a business and finds clutter, dirty floors, walls, and windows. If a business can’t provide for their customers’ comfort in the waiting area, they won’t have much business in the long term.

Making your clients feel at home is very important to a good company-client relationship. Visit any successful auto dealership and you’ll likely find snack machines or a snack bar, coffee, and comfortable furniture to sit on while you wait. There may likely be some nice background music. Let’s face it, people don’t like to wait, but if they have to, comfort is important. Make them feel like family and you’ve got a customer for life.

So, where do you begin? The waiting room is your calling card. Stone floor polishing, dust-free tables, clean upholstery, and sparkling clean windows are the first step. It’s not so much the décor as it is the cleanliness. People do notice.

Hiring a commercial floor cleaning company will enhance your business. Having a clean, comfortable waiting area where clients can enjoy a snack or a fresh cup of coffee while waiting is money in the bank. If your customers know that a wait at your place of business is always a pleasant experience, they will be back.

Clean restrooms are important too. There is nothing that will turn off a client more than a dirty rest room. Sinks and mirrors should always sparkle. Floors should be clean and the lavatories should always be sanitized. Spot checks every hour by employees are a must. A good commercial cleaning company will come in 24/7 for emergency cleanups. Also, make sure all plumbing is working to perfection. There is nothing worse than an overflowing or dirty commode.

That is the basics of how to impress your customers and keep their business. Make your place of business a satisfying experience and a showplace. This reflects on your business as a whole. You’ll be glad you put in the extra effort.

3 Main Types of Water Wells and How to Choose the Right One

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Modern water well systems are somewhat complicated. If you feel the need to install water well in your home, you’ve got to do a little bit of research and understand the types of wells in the market before you invest in the project.

We’ll cover the basic types of water wells and advice you on how to choose the best one. Just remember, each type of water well is suitable for a unique set of needs. You need to understand your needs first before you choose the best water well system for your property.

Drilled wells

As the name suggests, this type of well is constructed using modern drilling machines. Because the wells are designed to penetrate unconsolidated material, they can have a depth of more than a thousand feet. They are also constructed with a casing so that the system doesn’t collapse. Different types of drilled wells utilize different forms of sealing to reduce the risk of contamination and also ensure that the well finish is neat. In most cases, cement or clay is used to seal the interior of the well. This type of well needs to be properly constructed; it reduces any risks of contamination.

Driven point wells

These are much smaller wells that are usually less than 50 feet deep. They are constructed using pipes and are suitable for areas that have loose soil. Also known as sand point wells, they are mostly preferred because they are cost effective as well as simple to install.

The main disadvantage is that driven point wells can only be used to tap shallow water which means that the risk of contamination is quite high compared to drilled wells. These wells often do not have any kind of sealing which further increases the risk of contamination. They can be built by hand or using machines.

Dug wells

This type of well is often built by hand. The well is quite shallow and has a large diameter hole. Because most dug wells tap shallow water, they pose the highest risk of contamination. Dug wells are not the best solution for tapping drinking water.

This type of well is not properly protected from the water surface and this is what poses a great health risk. Dug wells can be lined using stones, tiles or bricks and are often covered using a cap made of wood. This type of well can get its water from fine sand or clay. The other major risk when it comes to dug wells is that they can go dry when there’s drought because of a drop in the water table.

How to choose the best one

When choosing the right type of well, you’ll need to consider factors such as the cost of installation, the location as well as weather conditions in your area. A dug well may not be ideal in environments which are prone to drought because it goes dry easily. The cost of drilled wells may also be too high for some properties and other options like sand point wells can be considered.

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Automatic Driveway Gates and Entry Control Systems

If you are looking into moving into a new home or increasing the security to your existing home or looking to enhance the curb appeal of the house an automatic driveway gate and entry control system are a cost effective, long term solution. In residential homes there are two main types of gates that are installed: a single gate that slides or a dual gate that swings open.


When you are trying to decide between the two types of gates and which one to choose there are various reasons to choose each type of gate. The most prominent reason being the dimensions of the driveway the gate is to be installed in.


In order to install an automatic swing gate you must determine if there will be enough room for both sides of the gate to swing open into the driveway. Not only must the space be large enough to open the gate there must be enough room for parking. This is why automatic entry gates that swing open should be installed only on driveways that are on a deeper sized driveway plot. An automatic sliding driveway gate takes away the need for a large, clearing and instead requires length to retract within it. This makes sliding gates ideal for driveways that are wide function properly whereas


The mechanisms that are used to open the gates are called gate operators. There are a variety of mechanisms and motors that are used. Swing gates need two gate operators to open and close the gate where as a sliding gate uses only one. The exact motor you choose will depend on several things including the size of the gate, the speed in which it will open and the surface on which the gate and gate operators are installed.


One misconception with automatic gate installation is that they cannot be installed on gravel driveways. This is a myth. With the advancements in technology it is possible to achieve a seamless sliding effect even on a gravel surface. This result is achieved with a bit more difficulty but can be done alongside cantilever gate automation motors.


A surveyor from the local electronic driveway supplier will survey the area in which the gate is to be installed. The surveyor will take into account the various dimensions of the driveway while checking for the need for modifications.


Once a solid idea of what gate style and design is required they will create several different gates designed with your exact driveway specifications in mind. This will help homeowners when selecting a gate style, an appropriate motor and the accessories that will be needed to provide the best installation of your new automatic entry gate. A control system of your choice will be installed alongside of your gate to provide an ease of automatic entry.


The gate motor will open the gate. This will be installed along with the correct number of sensors that are required to open the gate properly. There are a variety of automatic control systems such as a remote controls, key pads, cellular transmitters and manually operated controls. This helps to add to the convenience experienced with the installation of an entry gate system.

Working To Keep Your Home Clean

If you ever want a way to lower the stress that comes from your family without changing too much of your or your family’s routine then keep some of these pointers in mind. There needs to be an effort for you to work for your house and not against it. Keeping your home neat, organized, and running efficiently is so important. When you do these things for your home and also for your family it lowers stress and lets you focus on the good aspects of life that you have been missing. Doing these few simple tasks that takes next to no extra time will yield you great outcomes that you did not know could be achieved so simply.


Now take a step back. You need to take a minute to contemplate which areas of your life are stressing you out the most. Coming up with a plan of attack is crucial. Think about your problem areas…maybe lost keys, umbrella, receipts, or anything else lost for that matter. Maybe it is the clothes that are always on the ground; your favorite food is never stocked in the house, or even remembering to clean your cat’s litter box every day.


There needs to be a point where you finally stop trying to put a Band-Aid over these problems and actually fix them. I know, I am loosing some of you already but I promise some of these tricks work! Lets say, for example, that your kids are still leaving their shoes at every end of the house for anyone to trip over. Try placing a fun basket by the door or something along those lines for whoever comes in to put their shoes into. Observe the habits of your family and try to follow behind them accordingly with something easy for them to jump on board with.


There are so many more simple solutions; some of these solutions take more effort than others. Your family will also sometimes take awhile to catch on to these new routines. That is okay, enforce the new rules long enough and your family will eventually catch on. Once you incorporate them into your family’s normal routine, you will wonder why you didn’t incorporate them sooner. A extra great solution is to hang a hook by the door or in your room in order to keep your keys all in one place. Another organization tip is to have a basket to hold your keys, work ID, and anything else you want to keep together. This final idea is great because it saves money and keeps counters less cluttered. You could get a container for all of your loose change at the beginning of the year. Then every day throw your change into this container and watch it grow as the year goes on. By the end of the year you should have a surprising payday from change you before lost.


Keeping these simple tricks in mind could easily lower your stress. This happens simply because your mind is rested knowing your house is now clean.  If you find that you are still have trouble getting control of these things you may want to bring in professional help.  There are companies out there that offer janitorial and commercial cleaning services.  These companies will come in and do the work for you.  If you have a handle on the cleaning aspect, but you find that there is still clutter, you may want to consider hiring a professional organizer.

Either way, do what you can t remove the stress from your life.